If you’re an avid runner then you probably know that the three main physiological factors of effective running are maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), lactate threshold (LT) and running economy. So to improve your running time you need to concentrate on each of these specific areas independently or combined – simple right?

Whilst the most traditional method of tackling these areas is to simply clock up the kilometres (increase training volume) it can come at great cost – injury. All too often the mind is willing but the body not so and as much as we try to battle through niggles and aches in an attempt to increase our cardio output, a Plantar fasciitis or ITB gets the better of us. So what can we do instead? To quote an old adage: get on your bike, son!

A recent study by Mykolas Kavaliauska et al. (2015)  has found that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) performed in a gym or on a bike have demonstrated similar skeletal and cardiovascular adaptations to traditional running. The advantage of using a bike is that it offers low impact resistance – that’s not to say that we’re recommending you crank the resistance to a low setting; rather the circular motion is non weight-bearing and doesn’t impact your joints in the same way that running does.

This means that if you were to sustain an injury during the corporate cup, that cycling may be a really effective way to continue making gains on your race time as you improve your fitness. Of course, listen to your body and get the injury checked out by our friends at City Physio, but if it isn’t going to be worsened then cycling may be a great alternative form of exercise to running.

At Goodlife we offer a 30 minute HIT class called PACE that is specially designed to give you maximum results in minimum time. The beauty of the class is that it is designed to allow you to go at your own PACE under the guidance of the intervals set by the instructor. Check out www.goodlifehealthclubs.com.au for class times at a club nearest to you.

Alternatively come in and use one of our bikes on your free Wednesday passes to try the following workout yourself:

  • Cycle at a low resistance for a three-minute warm up at 70-80rpm.
  • At minute three, increase rpm to above 90.
  • Every 30 seconds increase the resistance by one level and maintain an rpm above 90.
  • Continue until you can no longer hold the rpm above 90.
  • Allow three minutes recovery and repeat for desired number of sets (beginners: one, advanced: three)

So what are you waiting for – get on your bike, son!

Calling all Corporate Cup Participants, Goodlife is offering free access to selected gyms every Wednesday for the duration of the Cup. To receive this offer, click here