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If you are a runner your thoughts don’t necessarily automatically turn to Pilates and conversely if you practice Pilates you may not make the connection to running. Pilates can help you with your running in lots of ways that you’d think they were made for each other.

Some of the benefits of practising Pilates with Physios are improved flexibility, increased joint range of movement, better body awareness as well as stronger core muscles.

Pilates provides you with flexibility and control so you will not overstretch any muscles. Pilates can improve your running speed and endurance.

City Physio Adelaide Pilates reformer and trapeze workouts involve breathing techniques. This breathing assists to engage your deep core muscles, offering stability around your spinal column.  Your diaphragm expands more as a result and you get a larger intake of oxygen. More Oxygen availability to your muscles will allow for greater running endurance.

City Physio Adelaide Pilates exercises on the reformer and Pilates trapeze table can help to protect your body from overuse injuries or wear and tear that running and jogging can give you.  Equipment based Pilates works by readdressing the imbalances in your body and will improve your posture and stability.  A Pilates workout on the reformer and trapeze table can assist you to increase your movement control and will help to reduce the chance of injury.

Reformer Pilates classes work by lengthening and strengthening your muscles, which can often be neglected as you run.

Flexible, lean muscles have the ability to move faster than bulky ones so Pilates can help you improve your running speed.

If you only run a short distance and you feel like your legs are fatigued, your muscles are sore and tight then by adding Physio Pilates to your workouts you will have a much better recovery. Your muscles will be in better condition in the days after your run as a result of your Pilates workout. Adding Pilates Matwork and stretching you will keep your muscles moving and they will be in great shape, ready for your next run.

City Physiotherapy Adelaide offers Clinical Reformer, Trapeze and Matwork Pilates classes as well as Stretch, Tone  & Pilates workouts that can assist you with your running.

We also offer Back Pain & Core Exercise classes as well as Pregnancy & Women’s Health Pilates Classes.

All of our Pilates classes at City Physiotherapy are 45 mins duration and are run by qualified and professional Physiotherapists. Classes are claimable under your private health insurance extras Physiotherapy cover.  One on one goal setting and Pilates assessment is required with your City Physiotherapist prior to joining classes to ensure we keep you safe and can tailor your workouts to your specific requirements.

For more information please call 8212 4886 or go to our website