City Physiotherapy Adelaide explains how you can eliminate your back pain and enjoy being outdoors and walking.

Just getting outside and walking for approximately 30 -45 minutes will help your health in many ways from a cardio workout to toning your muscles.

Is there a right way to walk?
City Physio gives you a few tips to follow

When you’re out walking, try not to look down at your feet. Looking downwards will slow you down and may be the cause of your back pain. Instead of this, stand up tall and peer 2-3 metres in front of you. Keep your chin level to the ground, roll your shoulder blades backwards and downwards, lift your chest and keep your core muscles switched on. This will help you increase your speed and you’ll be able to breathe more deeply. When you have good posture the air can get into the bottom of your lungs more easily.

Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and ensure you swing your arms back and forward and avoid side-to-side movement. Keep your hands and fists relaxed as this will help keep your body stay relaxed in general.

Short quick steps are the key to walking at a faster pace.

Add some force and power to your arm swing by recruiting your upper back muscles. This will also help to tone your postural muscles in your upper back.

When you land make sure your heels hit the ground first then roll through your foot to push off with your toes.

A soft and quiet foot landing will help to reduce the risk of injuries to your spine or lower limbs.

Each time your heel lands on the ground, squeeze your buttock muscles to help increase tone in your gluteal muscles.

When you are walking your hips should move forward and backward— not from side-to-side. This means that your core and gluteal muscles are doing a good job of stabilising your pelvis.

Enjoy being outside and don’t forget to stretch your lower limbs and back muscles afterwards.

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