10 Reasons to join the 2022 Corporate Cup

1.     Flexibility

No longer limited to onsite locations, Cuppers can choose to join our KM Tracker category and participate at a time and place of their choosing! We still offer the traditional courses in ​picturesque locations including Adelaide CBD, Mawson Lakes and Semaphore, but now there is also the KM Category option, meaning you can compete against offices based in other states or even countries!


2.     New years resolution – take 2!

Many of our participants use the Corporate Cup as a springboard ​to be more active, get fitter, lose weight and increase their endurance in the second half of the year. Registering for City-Bay? This is a great program to use as your training.


3.    Office Well being

Choosing to join as a team within the office is great for team building, morale and overall wellbeing. In our 2021 post-event participant survey, people said ​the Corporate Cup is the “best event to engage staff in an office wellbeing program” and they “loved the office banter and energy Corporate Cup brings.”


4.     Getting the band back together

Many of our teams use Corporate Cup to keep in touch with old work colleagues, different departments or even those who have moved on to different companies.


5.     Gateway to fitness

The Cup ​is designed as a walk/run program for beginners who can map their fitness journey from round to round and even year to year!


6.     Affordable as always

Cheaper than a cup of coffee, per person, per round. Even cheaper if you register as a team!


7.     Prizes and incentives

There are sponsor prizes up for grabs, badges and achievements to unlock each round and to keep you motivated during winter and spring. Back for 2022, the KM Tracker category has bronze, silver and gold targets each round with certificates for those who reach the target.


8.     Post-Rona routine

Being an outdoor event, the Cup is great for getting out of the office​, get some fresh air and start building a healthy routine as the social impact of the pandemic decreases.


9.     Show your colours

As part of entering the Cup, you have the option to receive a FREE quality breezeway t-shirt for you to wear as you traverse the track each round! We recommend you registering early as this is only for the first 3000 participants.


10.  Bragging rights

Round leader boards will be posted to social media an​d included in our newsletters so you can see where you’re fairing in the grand scheme of things. With prizes for most improved teams, fastest teams, fastest individuals (male, female and 50+) and most KMs, there is a goal for everyone. ​Or simply be proud of your own achievements!


Want to know more? Some useful links are:

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