Why the registration system has changed for 2020 and how the points system works

Thank you to everyone involved in the 40th Year of the Corporate Cup. My name is Neil Warren, I am one of the Program Mangers for the Corporate Cup. I have been involved with the program since 2004 when I started as a casual worker at the event. In 2013 I became the Manager of the Program and have been managing it along with my colleagues ever since. We have implemented many changes and improvements over the years however this year we have all faced one massive change. In this article I am going to explain the changes for 2020 and in a future post, I wish to enlighten you with our future plans.

As some of you already know, the previous registration and results online system is no longer available to us due to the sudden passing of the registration system’s owner and developer in December 2019.

We had no other option but to create a new online registration and results system. Due to COVID-19, the decision to have this new system built was later than we had anticipated. There was a time earlier in the year where we did not know whether the Corporate Cup’s 40th year was even going to be possible.

In the past few months we have been working very closely with our new developer to ensure that the website suits our needs. We had to implement new features that included the new km Tracker category and the ability for participants to upload their own results. We have also taken into account the privacy for participants that enter into the Corporate Cup by making less information available for public viewing. This includes results, company names and individual names.

We have experienced a number of hiccups and hurdles as you would expect with a brand new system. However, we are working hard with the limited days we have had to put the Corporate Cup together this year. Each participant that has an active profile linked to a team will be able to log in and view their own results each week on their home page. They will also be able to see the following:

Most Improved participants:

  • My Results – Round result, best time, distance entered and points received for that round
  • My Team Summary including names of people in your team, their result, their best time, the distance they are doing and the points they received
  • Leader board (Most Improved team) Top 20 overall and highlighted the position your team is currently in
  • Fastest individual leader board (sorted by your gender and registered distance) and highlighted position you are in

Fastest Participants:

  • My Results – Each rounds time, current best and distance registered
  • My Team Summary, including names of people in your team, the weeks participated, the time they completed each round, their best time and the distance they are registered in
  • Leader board (Fastest individual) Top 20 overall and highlighted your current position

Km Tracker participant:

  • My Results – The date, duration, best activity and total accumulated km’s
  • My Team Summary, including names of people in your team, their activity in each round, distances they submitted, best activity and total accumulated distance
  • Leader board (km Tracker) Top 20 overall individuals and highlighted your current position
  • Leader board, Top 30 teams overall

*Team Captains:

  • If you are a captain of a team or if you registered teams, you have a new link on the left hand side of your profile “My Teams’ Results”

We have made a few adjustments to the points system this year. The Most Improved points are virtually the same with a few little tweaks. When you improve on your personal best time you will receive between 20 – 40 points. The aim is to improve by the ‘ideal’ amount per round. If you improve by too much or by not enough, you earn will be less points. The points you receive for equaling your best time and not improving has changed. Individuals that equal the best time will receive 20 points instead of 5 points. Those who do not improve will receive between 5 – 20 points depending on how far away they are from their best time. DNF’s (did not finish) will receive 5 points as normal

*Team captains will only be able to see points received by participants in the team they are also in. They will not be able to see the points for other teams. The purpose for this is so larger organisations with multiple teams are less able to reverse engineer the points system, manipulating the times their employees do to receive maximum points every week. We encourage all participants to genuinely try and improve their times by improving their fitness rather than their mathematical ability.

2020 has been a very odd year for all of us so as much as we will be implementing our ‘play by the rules’ policies, we will be lenient in some areas of the program.

The team at Life. Be in it appreciate the support you and your organisation show for the program and we look forward to a brighter and stronger future.

Stay safe!