Seriously! And the research is there to prove it if you fancy a Google. But when you think about it, it’s obvious. So here are our 7 reasons why exercising with a mate is better for you.

It’s social
Our own surveys tell us that our participants prefer to run/walk with someone else. Okay – so if you’re on your own you might absorb yourself in your music or the view but we are naturally social animals and exercising with a mate provides an opportunity to ‘catch up.’

Keeps you motivated
There’s nothing like a bit of competition to drive us on. Or, indeed, a word or two of encouragement. Our programs are all about bettering your time and who better to keep us going than a running partner, especially over that last 100 metres.

Helps you stay safe
Some people are nervous about completing a route on their own, especially if the light’s not great or you’re in averse weather conditions. A partner provides that little extra bit more security.

Holds you accountable
…particularly if you are in a team. Your mate or team members can hold you accountable to the goals you’ve set as an individual and as a team member. If you enter the Corporate Cup on your own its easy to skip a week but if you do it with a mate or in a team you’ll be letting them down!

Makes it more fun
Exercise can be stressful, especially if you’re pushing yourself. But working out with a mate can help ease the tension and add a few laughs along the way. You could play the same songs or play I Spy and you’ll find that the time will fly by.

Strengthens your friendship
Spending time together more regularly can help you build and maintain your relationship, which only gets harder as we age with greater work and family responsibilities. Having someone you can vent to when needed never hurts.

Provides a change
So, maybe you prefer to run but your friend likes the gym. Now’s the chance to motivate your mate to try something new…and in return you can join her at her RPM class.