No matter your age, size or level of fitness, the Corporate Cup is for everyone. If you’ve already entered but are trying to convince your mate to join in too, here are nine bullets to load your starter gun:

1. It’s good for your health.

If you’re not active, you should be, which is why 40 years ago the government launched the ‘Life. Be in it’ advertising campaign featuring Norm and why, 39 years ago, the Corporate Cup was introduced. Today we’re hardwired with the knowledge that we should be active if we want to be healthy. If you’re currently inactive, this is a great way to get moving and keep moving.

2. It’s good for productivity.

We are working harder and longer with more and more jobs are based in front of a computer. Of course, we get tea breaks and lunch breaks, but research does show that exercise stimulates the body and the brain. And then there’s the team building element and social media communication opportunities.

3. It complements your existing training.

So you’re already playing netball/touch/footy and going to the gym and walking the dog and, and, and… Okay, fair enough, you’re active. But a fortnightly run provides that aerobic workout you may not be getting, in an environment that takes you away from the intensity of the step class or the monotony of the treadmill.

4. It’s flexible.

You can take part in the Corporate Cup in the CBD, Mawson Lakes, Glenelg or at Semaphore and you have the choice to run or walk 2.2, 4.5 or 7.2 (CBD only) kilometres. There are 7 rounds of the but you only need to enter 5 to complete a series. And although it happens on one fixed day a fortnight, in the city you can run the course anytime between 6am and 6pm.

5. It’s great for your competitive side.

Whether you’ve entered as part of a team or as an individual there can be a strong competitive element if you want it. Yes – there are official prizes to be won but in these competitive intra-industry times, bragging rights may be the real prizes. Which team of accountants will be tweeting their success over their industry rivals? And with apps like Matchup and Strava you can compete informally with your pals or link up with others before the run.

6. It promotes personal achievement.

The Corporate Cup is all about bettering your time. It all kicks off in week one where you register your base time. After that, it’s all about getting better. It’s about pushing yourself and digging that little bit deeper.

7. It’s great for team building

Build those bonds with work mates by achieving something together as a team!

8. It’s social.

Okay. For some people, running is definitely not fun, but with the the Corporate Cup you’ll always come across people who are the same as you. Take the CBD course with 5000 entrants. If the course is open from 6am to 6pm – 12 hours – that’s an average of over 400 runners each hour or a person starting every 8.5 seconds!

9. It’s cheaper than a glass of wine.

For an individual, the entry fee works out at the price of a glass of wine… per fortnight. And if you are part of a team of 7 it’ll be the equivalent of a very ordinary glass of house wine per fortnight. Look at it as an investment in your health.

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