Your Achilles tendon forms the connection between your calf and your foot. One of its main functions is to help propel as you forward’s and it absorbs energy whilst you walk run or jump.  Achilles Tendon pain us often felt when your tendon is loaded in a way it isn’t used to.

  • An increase in training that is sudden
  • Biomechanical breakdown, which then leads to increased work required by your Achilles
  • Starting new exercise or activity
  • A return to a previous level of training after time off

Pain in your Achilles tendon may be noticed during the aggravating activity, such as your run, but there is usually a 12-48 hour delayed onset of symptoms. Achilles tendon pain is commonly noticed the morning after the aggravating activity or can be felt when you pinch your Achilles tendon.

Achilles tendinopathy is a result of change in loading the tendon. This results in the tendon’s capacity to recover after running not being able to keep up or allow the tendon to repair in the time allowed (eg. the rest between activity or running).  An increase in training load, running time or intensity without sufficient rest will reduce the tendons capacity for repair. If there are systemic factors such as smoking, this may also hinder the repair process.

Biomechanical issues, such as poor running form or unusual foot biomechanics can also pre-dispose you to developing Achilles tendinopathy. The imbalance between tendon load and tendon repair happens at a cellular level.

At City Physiotherapy treatment of your Achilles tendinopathy will be multifactorial. We will identify and correct of any biomechanical abnormalities or training load issues with hands on Physio, dry needling, exercise, running form modification etc. Your Physiotherapist will then teach you specific exercises to load your tendon to facilitate tendon adaptation and a return to normal function.

Not all people will respond to the same loading or exercises and therefore the type load hand the amount of load is tailored to suit each person

If you are suffering from Achilles Tendon pain or symptoms, don’t delay come and get our Physio’s to assess and treat you to determine the appropriate physiotherapy management.

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