There are 2 timing options for participants to choose from in 2020:

  1. Track your time/KMs using a GPS device or app to be uploaded to the website.
  2. RFID card using our regular timing system. Participants who choose to use a timing tag will receive a credit card sized RFID card that they retain throughout the series. You will use this RFID card to start and finish your time. If you lose your card, there will be a $5 replacement fee. Please be environmentally friendly and return your card at the end of the program. The RFID card option is only available to participants in the Fastest and Most Improved categories.

The System

Team points are allocated for improvement and bonus points are allocated for regular participation.

The first run establishes each person’s base time performance handicap time.

During runs 2 through to 7, team points are scored by adding the 5 best individual scores together each fortnight.  This determines your Weekly Score. Your Series Score is determined by your team’s best 5 Weekly Scores.

Collecting Points

Most improved
Points are awarded on a scale of 0 to 40, depending on your improvement over your previous best performance.

Fastest Team
Fastest Teams will no longer receive points. Each round, you are just aiming for your fastest time.

KM Tracker
Teams/individuals aim to track the most kilometres by the end of the program.

Fastest Runners

To be eligible in the Fastest Runner categories, you must complete 6 out of the 7 runs to qualify and be entered into the Fastest or Most Improved category. An average is then calculated from your best 6 runs.

Genuine Improvement

The best result for each participant comes when you start at a reasonable rate (not deliberately slow) as the scores will reflect your performance. If your improvement is too dramatic or extraordinary, you will lose points. Please be honest with your effort – after all, it is your health that’ll be the real winner!

The Corporate Cup is the property of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation South Australian Branch Inc (ACHPER SA). It is managed by Enventive as a ‘Life. Be in it’ program.