The mission of the Corporate Cup is to encourage physical activity and time out of the office/work environment being active. Any exercise is great, but for those seeking to be a little more competitive, here is some detailed information on each category.


Participants taking part in the Most Improved or Fastest Category in the City or Mawson Lakes, must use an RFID timing card to register a time. Participants who forget their card will need to notify a staff member so a temporary timing card can be issued.

Participants taking part in the Most Improved at Semaphore or the KM Tracker Category, must use a GPS app or device to register a time. An onsite timing system will not be available.

Most Improved Points

Points will be allocated based on your genuine improvement. These points are allocated to participants that have entered the Most Improved Category.

Individual points

  • 40 points will be awarded for completing your first round.
  • Improvement points are based on genuine improvement from your best time. Points will be allocated between 20 and 40, which is determined from a formula generating the optimal time you should be improving by factoring in your best time, age bracket and the assumption that you are running in the week between rounds. The closer you are to this optimal time, the closer you will score to 40 points.
  • If you do not improve, you will receive between 20 and 5 points – less points the further away you are from your best time. Again, your points are derived from the above formula.
  • This formula is based on a bell curve – the optimum improvement time will receive 40 points, then the further you are away from it, the less points you score. Please note, we do not share the formula.

Team points

  • Points are calculated from the 5 participants in the team who are awarded the highest points each round. Each round the maximum team score is 200 (40 points x 5 participants). If there are 5 or less participants in the team, every team member’s points will count.
  • The final team result will include the team’s best (highest points) 5 out of the 7 rounds. This means the maximum points a team can score is 1000 (200 points x 5 rounds).
  • Teams can consist of up to 7 members. The highest 5 scores will count for each round, so if a team has less than 5 people in the team, the team is still eligible for the Most Improved category but will not be able to achieve full points.

What is genuine improvement?

The best result for each participant comes when you start at a reasonable rate (not deliberately slow) as the scores will reflect your performance. If your improvement is too dramatic or extraordinary, you will lose points. As the rounds progress, the points system acknowledges that it will be harder to improve your time and will accommodate to this. You do not need to be a runner to see genuine improvement. The points systems algorithm aims to accommodate everyone.

Fastest Runners

Fastest Individuals is open to all participants who have registered into the Most Improved or Fastest Team Category. Fastest Team is only open to those who selected it when registering.

To be eligible for the Fastest Individual and Fastest Team categories, you must complete 5 out of the 7 rounds to qualify. An average is then calculated from your fastest 5 runs.

For Fastest Team, the final results will average the 5 fastest times from the 5 fastest rounds (the 5 times do not need to be from the same person).

  • Upon registering, you will specify the location and distance you want to run for EVERY round.
  • Your aim is to complete your registered distance as fast as you can from round 1.
  • Your teams 5 fastest entries will be averaged each round.
  • The final results to determine the fastest teams will be the average of the 5 fastest times from the 5 fastest rounds i.e. 25 times. The 5 times do not need to be from the same person, but you must have at least 5 people run in at least 5 rounds.

KM Tracker

The KM Tracker is the category for those who are unable to attend a specific location every round. This category gives you the flexibility to participate and record a result anywhere, anytime.

The team’s total KMs each round is calculated from the 5 team members who achieved the highest KM distance for that round. KM Tracker team final results will combine the team’s top 5 participant distances from all 7 rounds.

  • Each round consists of 14 days and are based on the CBD Corporate Cup dates. First day to record is Wednesday 3rd August 2022
  • Using a GPS device or mobile GPS app, record your activity to then upload your result to your profile.
  • You must upload your result by the end of the second day of the following round. We recommend uploading your results as you complete them.
  • Results not uploaded by the end of the second day of the following round do not count.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold targets have been added to the KM Tracker category. Each round the minimum KM requirements will vary giving you and your team a goal to aim for. Completing a target puts your team into the draw to win sponsor prizes.
  • Activities must have a start and finish point. This means km’s do not qualify if you start your GPS when you wake up in the morning and stop it when you go to bed at night.
  • KMs must be tracked on foot. This means you cannot utilise any form of transport that has wheels, engines or wings (wheelchairs are an exception).
  • Treadmills may only be used for those with medical reasons.

Please be honest with your effort – after all, it is your health that’ll be the real winner!