We had a chat with Mark Tosolini from the long running ’Concrete Clogs’ team about why they entered the Goodlife Health Clubs Corporate Cup and their experiences thus far in the competition.

What was your reason for starting the Goodlife Health Clubs Corporate Cup in the first place?
The Grenfell St office of Adelaide Brighton LTD was keen to promote some camaraderie amongst the staff and already possessed a reasonable degree of competitiveness, some of the original team were existing runners and hence the attraction of the Corporate Cup event.

How long have you been participating?
The first Concrete Clogs team participated in the Adelaide CBD Most Improved Category from 2004 onwards – current team members Robyn Porter and Julian Grenfell started the team initially and are the only team members that has participated in every year since then for the Clogs. The Concrete Clogs team has participate every year since and Adelaide Brighton has only ever entered one team in the Adelaide CBD event.

What benefits do you get out of the Corporate Cup?
The Corporate Cup entry for the Grenfell St team has consistently been supported and sponsored by the Adelaide Brighton business. The team are generally quite health conscious and have used this event to further encourage themselves to extend their fitness activities outside of the event itself.

…the Corporate Cup has also extended to the family members of the Concrete Clogs with our partners and/or children becoming increasingly active and in some cases also taking up running as a regular activity.

Do you train outside the Corporate Cup?
A number of the current team have become increasingly fitness focused now and are active most weeks of the year with activities such as running, cycling, gym, F45, netball and squash. The enthusiasm for fitness created by the Corporate Cup has also extended to the family members of the Concrete Clogs with our partners and/or children becoming increasingly active and in some cases also taking up running as a regular activity.

Some of our current team members are also preparing for the Adelaide City to Bay event this year (12km Run Category). Majority of the team are involved in fitness activities each week and in some cases can be regularly seen running the Corporate Cup course most weeks of the year.

Seeing as you won the 2017 Corporate Cup in the Most Improved category, where to from here?
As most teams would appreciate, winning the Corp Cup Most Improved Category involves some serious commitment, strategy and discipline to achieve given that a number of teams have been competing for many years and have developed significant insight into the scoring system. While the Concrete Clogs had enjoyed some Industry Sector success in past years, the major prize had proved too elusive for the Concrete Clogs.

After a very competitive performance in the 2016 event, the team came to fully appreciate the commitment required to achieve the win and this became the focus for 2017. One of the main drivers to attempt a win in 2017 was the realisation that the Most Improved event was being dominated by the “multi team” enterprises around Adelaide and lone teams like the Concrete Clogs were not typically competitive enough.

What made you choose the participant category?
During the 2017 season, the realisation of what was required to be competitive in the Most Improved Category created a lot of office corridor debate. While it was a real buzz to be churning out 200pt scores from fortnight to fortnight, the team was not having as much fun with the event as we would have hoped. Even prior to the 2017 Presentation Day, the team was already committed to a shift into the Participation Category and the corridor chat at the moment is all about which distance to choose and what personal best time could be achieved over that distance on that last run in October.

The team also feel that our win in 2017 is more than enough and that we were very fortunate to achieve the milestone with a perfect overall score. We would love to see another first time team win in the Most Improved Category this year. We also think that the principles behind the Participation Category will bring back the true “fun” element of the Corp Cup for the Concrete Clogs, where it is all about simply being out there on the day, fortnight after fortnight. Having said all that, there still remains an element of competitiveness amongst the team and we will be striving to achieve maximum points even though there is no guarantee of any trophies. Look out for some interesting personal performances by the Concrete Clogs this year!

Thanks to Mark for answering our questions and good luck to the ‘Clogs’!