KM Tracker

Are you working from home? Unable to attend one of our 2 onsite locations?  This is the category for you.


The Corporate Cup’s KM Tracker category is an improved and flexible category where participants aim to walk or run as many km’s as possible in the fortnight rounds! You may choose to run once a fortnight as per the traditional Corporate Cup style, or you can choose to incorporate additional walks/runs in the fortnight – it’s up to you.

To see how the KM Tracker category differs from the others, check the categories page here:

**NEW IN 2022**

– We have listened to 2021 participant feedback and made a few changes to KM Tracker:

– There are now 2 sub-categories to KM Tracker: Work team and Social/Running Group Team. This enables everyone the opportunity to win – not just the elite running groups! To be eligible for the work team sub-category, you will need at least 4 team members from the same workplace.

– Achievements can be selected from your profile menu

– Certificates for achieving bronze, silver and gold targets will be accessible via your Corporate Cup profile

– When registering, you can choose to have your team bag (t-shirts) delivered to you for an extra small fee


Teams and individuals that sign up for this category will need to be able to track their kilometres completed and time taken. There is no need to purchase an app, you can simply use the Health app on your phone/smartwatch, or download a GPS running app (e.g. MapMyRun or STRAVA). Participants will use this information to upload their results to their Corporate Cup profile before each round ends to be in the running for fortnightly prizes!

To upload

Log in to your Corporate Cup profile by clicking the LOGIN button on the menu ribbon, or clicking here.

Once you are in, click the ‘Upload KMs’ on the top menu bar.

The details you will need to input include:

Duration of exercise
Evidence (i.e. screenshot of how you tracked your kms – smartwatch, fitbit, phone app etc.)


Anywhere you like!


Anytime from 12 am between the fortnightly rounds:

Round 1 – August 3 to August 16
Round 2 – August 17 to August 30
Round 3 – August 31 to September 13
Round 4 – September 14 to September 27
Round 5 – September 28 to October 11
Round 6 – October 12 to October 25
Round 7 – October 26 to November 8


Each round, there are 3 target categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Teams are to work together to try and reach the minimum km’s to reach their desired target category. Individuals may also try and reach the minimum kms of each category.

Each round the minimum km’s change for each category. Bronze is the lowest category, Silver is the second highest and Gold is the highest km category. Targets will be posted to the KM Tracker page of the website and will be viewable each round on your profile.

The team with the most kms accumulated at the end of Corporate Cup will win the KM Tracker perpetual trophy.