By clicking agree below, you and your team understand the rules have been made to keep the Corporate Cup fair for all participants.

Please understand and respect these conditions of entering.

  1. Each participant will receive a RFID timing tag. The tag must be used at each event to record times. Manual times or times recorded by other means will not be accepted unless otherwise indicated by Corporate Cup staff.
  2. You and your team understand that The Corporate Cup has a zero toleration for not playing by the rules. Manipulating times, taking short cuts, holding multiple cards or using somebody else’s card will result in disqualification for the offending round.
  3. It is the participant’s responsibility to make sure the time has been recorded and recorded correctly. Your time must appear on the results screen on site at the administration area. Failing to check your time will result in a zero score if incorrect or not recorded.
  4. Times will only be recorded between the hours of the event. Times recorded outside these hours will not be accepted.
  5. Early bird payment must be made by 5.00pm ACST Friday 19th May 2018. Early bird payments not made by this time will result in the full entry fee being charged.
  6. Entry payment (excluding early bird) must be made before the first event.



The Goodlife Health Clubs Corporate Cup is the property of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation South Australian Branch Inc (ACHPER SA). It is managed by Enventive as a ‘Life. Be in it’ program.