The Site

The start and finish line is located at Karrawirra, Victoria Drive (next to Lounders Boatshed Café/Popeye) – same location as last year!

While onsite please ensure that you:

  • Have your timing card ready to go and know what distance you have been registered before you hit the start line (if you forget your card, we will have temporary ones available from the caravan)
  • Practice social distancing at all times
  • Once you have completed your run, feel free to grab a drink and cool down before making your way off site
  • Free water is available onsite thanks to the SA Water Quench Bench
  • Free orange juice is available onsite thanks to Nippy’s
  • Know your distance before you start

Please ensure you know your distance, and that your team captain has entered your distance correctly before the first day. If this needs changing, email your team number, name and your preferred distance as we can change it for you. Doing this before Round 1 will ensure your time and points are calculated correctly.

Course Maps

There will be signage along the courses, but please familiarise yourself with the below maps before you begin.


Timing Your Walk/Run

  • Timing tags were included in your team bags, please ensure you have your timing tag for Round 1. If you already have ​collected your timing tag, you can go straight to the start line.
  • Approach the start line in a single file maintaining 1.5m between anyone else
  • Hold your card up to the ‘scan here’ sign on the reader
  • Wait for the beep
  • View your name on the tablet screen
  • Begin your walk/run

Please do not:

  • Scan multiple cards
  • Scan your card at the same time as someone else
  • Scan anybody else’s card

To finish, scan your card at the finish line, then head up to the caravan to check your time on the display screen. We can amend times on the day at the caravan, but not after the event. It is your responsibility to ensure your time has been recorded.

Lost tags

If you have lost your tag, you can purchase a new tag for $5. Please talk to staff onsite or email to order a new one. If you do not have your tag, a temporary tag can be issued for use on the day, but it must be returned after your walk/run.

Site Times

You can complete your walk/run anytime from 6am to 6pm. Please note 6pm is the last time you can start.

The weather does not look the best for Round 1, but how fresh is walking/running in the drizzle! The Corporate Cup goes ahead in rain, hail or sunshine, however, in the unlikely event of an electrical storm, the round will be cancelled, or the time you can come onsite to do your run will be shortened (depends on the forecast). Please dress to the conditions on the day.


The Torrens Parade Ground is available for free parking during 11.30am-1.30pm and 4pm-6pm. Please show your timing tag or Corporate Cup shirt to our marshal at the gate, and follow parking instructions.

There is additional parking on Victoria Drive all day, but please be aware of parking instructions (time limits and fees apply).


What refreshments will you have available?

The SA Water Quench Bench is back from another year, as well as Nippy’s Orange Juice!

Where I can put my belongings while I walk/run?

We will have a bag storage marquee onsite, where you can leave your items at your own risk. For keys, there will be a box at the caravan, but again you leave your items at your own risk. We encourage you to leave your belongings in your car/at work where possible.

What if I injure myself?

First aid will be available at the start/finish site – in the drinks marquee during peak times, or from the caravan. Please walk/run to the conditions (i.e. slower if raining) and at your own pace – take round 1 easy if you haven’t been doing much physical activity. Please take care at all times.

What if I cannot make it onsite?

Although you cannot make up a time, you won’t affect your teams time/points if there are more than 5 participants in the team. Please do not run with someone else’s card as this will not reflect their true time and does not help them in future runs.

How are points tallied?

Check out the Competitions page on our website.