KM Tracker Explainer

For an overview of the KM Tracker category, click our explainer video below – a must view to assist your participation. Questions answered include:

  • What is the KM tracker category?
  • Where and when can I track my KMs?
  • How do I keep track of my KMs?
  • When do I upload?
  • What are the benefits of KM Tracker category?

For more information visit the KM Tracker page here.

Tracking KMs

KM Tracker is a category where runners and walkers aim to build up as many km’s as possible during the rounds, anywhere and anytime you like! You may choose to run once a fortnight like the traditional Corporate Cup, or you can choose to incorporate additional runs in the fortnight – it’s up to you! KM Tracker can be blended in with your current activity. For example, if you walk a dog, walk to work or umpire sport on the weekend, simply have your GPS device on you and track those KMs from start to finish of your activity!

Timing cards are not used for this category. Participants will need an app, smartwatch, Fitbit or Garmin to track your KMs while you are on your walk/run, then upload a screenshot to the Corporate Cup portal. There is no need to purchase an app, you can simply use the Health app on your phone/smartwatch, or download a GPS running app. Two options are Strava and MapMyRun.

Corporate Cup Portal

Your online profile is your one stop shop for uploading fortnightly results (more on this below), team results, leader boards and achievement tracking.

Click the button below and make sure you are able to log in prior to Round 1 on Wednesday. If you cannot remember your password from last year, or haven’t set one yet, click ‘login’ then ‘trouble signing in’ to reset your password – as it is an automatic email, it may pop up in your junk/spam folder. Some work emails do mark us as spam, so call or email us if you can’t find the email after 1 hour. You can log into your profile here.

How Do I Upload My KMs?

Log in to the Corporate Cup portal by visiting the Corporate Cup website or clicking here.

Once you are in, click the ‘Upload KMs’ on the top menu bar.

The details you will need to input include:

  • Distance
  • Date
  • Duration of exercise
  • Evidence (i.e. screenshot of how you tracked your KMs – smartwatch, fitbit, phone app etc.)

For how to take screenshots on iPhones click here and for Android phones click here.

When To Upload KMs

Log in to the Corporate Cup portal by visiting the Corporate Cup website or clicking here.

All Participants will be given the ability to upload results from Wednesday 3rd August.

A) We encourage you to upload your result from each walk / run as you go. Keep in mind that you may only upload one walk / run per day. If you go for multiple walks/runs per day (e.g. morning, lunch and after work), you will need to add the total distances and times together and log them as one upload – if you upload KMs for a date you have already logged, the new upload will override the original.


B) You can upload your total KMs tracked and submit at the end of each round.

Please note: you can upload your KMs up to 7 days after the round ends. For example, Round 1 closes at 11:59pm Tues 16th Aug, so you can still upload KM Tracker results until 7 days later, being11:59pm Tues 23rd Aug.

KM Tracker Round Dates

Track your KMs anytime from 12 am between the fortnightly rounds:

Round 1 – August 3 to August 16
Round 2 – August 17 to August 30
Round 3 – August 31 to September 13
Round 4 – September 14 to September 27
Round 5 – September 28 to October 11
Round 6 – October 12 to October 25
Round 7 – October 26 to November 8

Targets and Achievements

Each round, there are 3 target categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Teams are to work together to try and reach the minimum km’s to reach their desired target category. Individuals may also try and reach the minimum kms of each category (there are separate targets for individuals).

Each round the minimum km’s change for each category. Targets will be emailed to you at the start of each round.

The targets for Round 1 are:

BRONZE: Individuals – 5km | Teams – 25km

SILVER: Individuals – 15km | Teams – 50km

GOLD: Individuals – 40km | Teams – 250km


Can I participate at one of the Corporate Cup locations?
Yes – it would be great to see you onsite! However, you will still need to record your own walk/run as you don’t have a timing card.

How do we win? 
Check out the Competitions page on our website. This year, there are 2 sub-categories to KM Tracker – work team and social/running group team. This gives everyone a better chance of winning.

Social Media

Click on the buttons below to like our social media pages, where we will post leader boards, prize winners and other important announcements. We love to see you participating, so why not grab a team pic or action shot, and tag us or use #CorporateCup2022 so we can see and share your pictures – we will add our favourites in the results emails.