6 Reasons to join the 2021 Game On Corporate Cup

1.     New and improved KM Tracker
Our new and improved KM Tracker category gives participants the opportunity to participate in the Cup from the location and time of their choosing!

2.     New and improved results portal
We’ve revamped the online results portal this year and have made many improvements that will make it smoother than ever to upload, search and view your progress during the program.

3.     Form a habit (the good kind)
The Game On Corporate Cup was designed to help people form a fortnightly habit of physical activity over a 16 week period in a way that was easy to participate, affordable and fun! If you don’t regularly get moving but would like to, the cup is a great incentive to start.

4.     Maintain fitness and mental well-being
Exercising regularly provides countless physical benefits and it releases endorphins that positively affect our mental health.

5.     Maintain connections with your colleagues
Ideal for people still working from home, peers can work together to earn points/track KMs without physically having to do your walk/run together!

6.     Registration for an individual is cheaper than a cup of coffee – and even cheaper if you register a team!
Registrations are now open, don’t miss out!