The Corporate Cup is designed for people of all ages to improve their fitness over a period of 16 weeks. Operating once a fortnight, participants choose to walk or run courses in the City, Glenelg Mawson Lakes, or Semaphore.

Great for team building, personal fitness and developing an active lifestyle, this iconic Adelaide event was established in 1981 and has been running ever since!

The Competition


Most Improved

KM Tracker


To get your fastest time To gradually improve your time each week To accumulate the most kilometres possible for the duration of the program.


Have to do distance you nominated every week Have to do distance you nominated every week Can do whatever distance you want (able to change each week)

Award Categories

Fastest Average Team

Fastest Average Veteran Team

Fastest Individual

Fastest Average Individual

Top 30 teams go into the raffle to win a fortnightly prize.

Team with most final kilometres at end of program recieve a prize.


Each round, the best 5 times in the team are averaged. For your overall score, the team’s final position will be calculated by the average of the 6 best round times Each round, top 5 scores are totalled for the weekly team score. For overall score, the team’s 5 highest round points are added together

Participants will use GPS running application to record kilometres and to be submitted to the Corporate Cup Website for inclusion into the results system.

The team with the most kilometres at the end of the program is the winner.

Weekly Result Reports Shown In

Top 25 Fastest Average Team

Top 25 Fastest Average Veteran Teams

Top 25 Most Improved Teams

Top 25 Most Improved Veterans Team

Top 30 Teams with most kilometres accumulated

The Corporate Cup has three categories your team can choose from. Most Improved, Fastest Team or KM Tracker.

Category 1: Most Improved Team

  • Nominating your team in the Most Improved Team category will exclude your team from appearing in the Fastest Team and KM Tracker category.
  • By selecting this category your team wishes to compete for the Most Improved Team. At the end of each round, the best 5 scores in your team will go towards your round total.
  • All team members must walk or run at the location they have registered for at the day specified on the Locations tab.
  • Your most improved points are based on your genuine improvement. Improve by too much or by too little, you will see your points decrease. By not improving you will receive 5 points.
  • At the end of the program, the best 5 totals out of your 7 rounds will determine the team’s final position.
  • Individuals in this category will still be eligible in the Fastest Runner category.

Category 2: Fastest Team/Individual

  • Nominating your team in the Fastest Team category will exclude your team from appearing in the Most Improved and KM Tracker categories.
  • By selecting this category your team wishes to compete for the Fastest Team awards. After each round, the best 5 times in your team will be averaged and this time will appear in the fastest teams list.
  • At the end of the program, 6 out of your 7 fastest average round times will determine your team’s final position.
  • You will not receive Most Improved or KM Tracker category points.

Category 3: KM Tracker

  • Corporate Cup’s KM Tracker category is a new, more flexible version of the participant category.
  • Are you working from home? Unable to attend one of our 4 locations? Or needing a kick-start back into regular exercise? This is the category for you.
  • The KM Tracker category enables participants to do their run / walk anytime, anywhere. Teams that sign up for this category are required to download a GPS running app (we prefer STRAVA).
  • You may choose to run once a fortnight as usual or you can choose to incorporate additional runs in the fortnight, it’s up to you.
  • As long as each team mate tracks their run using the app and then uploads their KMs at the end of each fortnight your team will be in the running to win fortnightly prizes. The team with the most KMs accumulated at the end of Corporate Cup will win the KM Tracker perpetual trophy.

The Corporate Cup is the property of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation South Australian Branch Inc (ACHPER SA). It is managed by Enventive as a ‘Life. Be in it’ program.