Prepare Team Registration Details

Before you enter a team, please have the following information ready to go:

  1. Category you wish to enter
  2. Chosen a Team Name
  3. First and Last names for each participant
  4. Ages for each participant
  5. T-shirt sizes for each participant
  6. Distances for each participant
  7. Email addresses for each participant

Download our fillable PDF, save to your computer, fill out your details, resave and then send a copy to colleagues who would like to join you in the Corporate Cup 2022 to make it easy to input the required details!

Team or individual

Individuals and teams have separate awards. Team can include up to 7 participants but need at least 5 to be eligible for maximum points (winning is achievable with less, but a team with 5, 6 or 7 participants is highly recommended).

Entry Fees

Entry Type

Early Bird

Booked and paid by 5pm, 15 June 2022


Booked and paid by 5pm, 20 July 2022

Last Minute






School Aged Team

(The team must have at least 5 students aged between Reception and Year 12 to receive school discount)


School Aged Individual

(Must be a student aged between Reception and Year 12)


Withdrawing Teams

Please note there has been an update to our Terms and Conditions in regards to cancelling or withdrawing your registration. Registrations withdrawn after Monday 11th July 2022 will incur a $50 cancellation fee for team registrations or $15 cancellation fee for individual registrations. Registrations withdrawn after the event has commenced will be charged 50% of the total registration fee.

Race Packs Collection

Collection Options

*NEW* When you register, you now have the option to add delivery to your race pack for an additional $20.

For teams that don’t add on delivery, the Team Captains will receive an email including collection options once the race pack is available (mid-July).

We are aware of delivery delays impacted by COVID but we are doing all we can to meet these timeframes.

FREE Participant T-shirts

The “Breezeway” shirt material is back! There will be a limited number of free T-shirts and sizes available. To secure your team’s shirts, make sure you register early and specify your shirt sizes during registration.

T-shirt Sizing Guide

Chest Width95100100106112118124130
Length (Top Shoulder Point)6466.5687174767880


* Please note, sizes S, M L & XL are smaller than 2021. If you are selecting one of these sizes, please double check the size guide or size up if unsure.