Check Your Course

Whilst there will be signs along each of the courses, please ensure you have checked the course map (under locations tab) before the day of your first run. This will ensure you don’t affect your time due to a wrong turn.

Baggage Storage

There will be a Baggage tent situated next to the Registration tent. Please note that you leave your items in this tent at your own risk as we cannot monitor what goes in or out. If you have small valuables (i.e. wallets, phones, security passes or keys etc.) we can secure those for you at the administration tent.


Please refer to the Location page

Timing Tags

  1. To start, proceed to the starting line walking at least 1 metre behind the person in front of you.
  2. Hold up your RFID card within 30cm from the start reader. Listen for the reader to beep before you start.
  3. To finish, hold your card in the air and listen for a beep. The beep will come from the reader on the left hand side. You do not need to hold the card to the reader.
  4. If you do not hear the beep sound, make sure you are holding your card free of any obstructions (ie, other cards, phone cases or your skin).
  5. To ensure you have a time for this week, you must check your time at the administration area. Failing to do so may mean your time was not recorded and you will not receive a time for that week. Times that are not corrected on site on the day of completion will not be accepted.
  6. As a backup, it is best to keep your eye on the clock or your watch or even record your time on your phone in case of a power failure. If a power outage has occurred during the race, you will need to go directly to the administration tent and report your time.


Water will be available at start/finish areas for all locations.

Safety & First Aid

Before partaking in physical exercise, we advise you seek medical advice.  We also ask that you make sure that you are well hydrated prior to and during the event. You participate in the Corporate Cup at your own risk

Sports trainers will be on hand at the start/finish areas during the busiest times (mornings, lunchtimes and after work) at all locations. We are unable to cover the whole course so please watch out for your fellow participants. If you see someone in difficulty, please call emergency services (000) All incidents should be reported to the organisers in the Administration tent.

As you will be a pedestrian on a public pathway, please be aware and respect others using the pathways.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash at all times and you must take responsibility for your pet. Water will be available for pets at the designated water stations.

The Corporate Cup is the property of the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation South Australian Branch Inc (ACHPER SA). It is managed by Enventive as a ‘Life. Be in it’ program.