Southern Region

Due to low numbers in 2021, Glenelg will not run as a virtual most improved category. Instead, it will be merged to the KM tracker category so you can participate against more teams/individuals and in your own time.


Anytime from 12 am between the fortnightly rounds:

Round 1 – August 3 to August 16
Round 2 – August 17 to August 30
Round 3 – August 31 to September 13
Round 4 – September 14 to September 27
Round 5 – September 28 to October 11
Round 6 – October 12 to October 25
Round 7 – October 26 to November 8


Anywhere you like! Continue using the 2021 Glenelg track or complete your walk/run closer to work or home.


Anytime on the day of the round dates only
Note: A GPS running app will be required to participate.
Physical timing tags will not be issued.


Whatever you feel like doing on the day.


KM Tracker category gives participants the flexibility to do the Game On Corporate Cup their way!

You are more than welcome to attend and complete your KMs at any onsite location – just make sure you use your app to track your run/walk!

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